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Pipe Fittings

PVC-Pipes & Fittings

We offer a wide range of PVC-U pipes and fittings, for diverse applications in agriculture, housing, telecom etc. ranging between 20 mm to 400 mm diameter.

Wheel Valve Screwed

Self it PVC-U Pipes (for agriculture & potable water supply)As per IS 4985-2000.

Ring fit PVC-U Pipes (for agriculture & potable water supply)As per IS 4985-2000.

Molded Fittings for Agriculture (As per IS 7834-1987).

Fabricated Fittings for Agriculture.

Protector Well Casings & Screens(As per IS 1218-1992).

Underground Sewerage Pipes(As per IS 15328-2003).

Self it & Ring fit SWR PVC Pipes(As per Is 13592 with Latest Amendment).

SWR Molded Fittings(As per IS 14735-1999 with Latest Amendment).

Plumbing Pipes (for domestic plumbing applications)As per IS 4985-2000,As per ASTM D 1785.

Solvent Cemented Fittings (for domestic plumbing applications)As per ASTM D 2467 in Schedule 80 series.

Finolex PVC

Finolex Heavy Pressure Solvent Cemented (As per IS 4985:2000)

Finolex Pipes are available in metric series ranging from 20mm to 50mm, in a standard length of 6 meters, plain at both the ends.

These pipes are joined by use of solvent cement in which mating and fusion between the pipe and fitting takes place creating a homogeneous joint.

The pipes are in grey color and the fittings are dark grey in color

Prince PVC

Prince PVC Pipes & Fittings

We are the suppliers of Prince PVC Pipes & Fittings. These products are made of high-grade raw material matching international standards. Our range is capable to withstand aggressive weather and usage conditions. These products are appreciated for their easy installation, fire resistance, durability and economic prices.

SWR Systems

PRINCE SWR Drainage Systems include a wide range of pipes and fittings which have an equally wide range of applications. Tougher and economical, PRINCE UPVC SWR pipes and Drainage Systems as well as for Vent Lines when compared to Cast iron and Asbestos Cement Drainage Systems. What's more, PRINCE SWR Drainage Systems are approved by CPWD, MES, BMC, CIDCO, MHADA.

This product is certified with "Certificate of Conformity" from Kenya Bureau of Standard.


For SWR Drainage Systems at homes, offices, hotels, industries, hospitals as well as public places such as airports,
railway stations, bus-stands, etc.

For overflow lines and chemical waste lines at industries, dairy plants, food processing plants, etc.

For vent lines in drainage systems and in mining pits.


Right from the inherent properties of uPVC to a virtual lifetime of trouble-free performance, PRINCE SWR Drainage Systems are far more superior to Cast Iron and Asbestos Cement drainage systems.

Corrosion Resistant : uPVC material is unaffected by most of the chemical and is rustproof.

Fire Resistant : uPVC is self-extinguishing and so special precautions are necessary during installations.

Longer Lasting : Longer lasting due to its internees to most chemical and superior mechanical properties.
Also, it remains unharmed by insects or rodents.

Smooth : Smooth inside surface insures effective discharge and high flow rate.

Light Weight : Easy to transport and handle.

Easy to install : Easy to install and less time consuming than CI or AC systems. Rubber ring sealing ensures leak proof joint.

Strong: Strong with high Impact strength, can withstand rough handling.

Easy to maintain : Smooth inside bore and threaded door caps provide ease of inspection and cleaning.

Durable : No scale formations.

Economical : Economical in every way. All these advantages add up to a significant cost reduction.

Technicality : Backed up by technical services, offered by the company's trained personal.

Sizes : Available in 50mm, 75mm, 90mm, 110mm Fittings


SOC = SOCKET (FEMALE) fittings

SPI = SPIGOT (MALE) fittings.

Available In color: Light Gray, Dark Gray, Golden Brown, Ivory and White.

Prime Rigid PVC

PRIME Rigid PVC Drainage Systems


Low weight : Easy to transport and handle.

Easy to install : Push-fit into each other.

Better flow properties : Due to smooth inside surface.

Fire resistance : Self extinguishing, does not support fire.

Long life : Due to superior mechanical properties and inertness to most chemicals. Also insect and rodent proof.

Easy to maintain : Threaded door caps give easy access for cleaning.

Low cost : All the advantages reduce costs in the long term, by huge margins.

UV Stabilizer : Protect PRIME drainage systems from the sun and make them more durable.

Size : 40mm, 50mm, 63mm, 75mm, 90mm, 110mm, 160mm



SPI=SPIGOT (MALE) fittings.


1. 40mm, 50mm, 160mm fittings available in soc x soc Type.

2. 50mm w/o ring, 75mm, 90mm, 110mm available in soc x spi type

Available In color: Light Gray, Dark Gray, Golden Brown Ivory, and White.

Kisan PVC

Plain Ended / Self Socketed Pipes

Kisan (Self socketed pipes have one end self socketed and the other end plain, which fit snugly, doing away with the need for couplers. They are made on the latest state of the art extrusion machines and are available in a range from 20mm to 400mm OD. The sophisticated control system ensures end product for quality surpassing the BIS and ISO requirements.

Salient Features:
1. Manufactured as per is: IS 4985 specifications
2. Economical: Esay to fit installation process saves time, minimizes labour and regular maintenance costs
3. Light weight: Weighs 1/6th of steel pipes and 1/8th of lead pipes thus making it easy to handle, transport and install
4. High resistance: High resistance to fire, chemicals and corrosion, leads to increased safety
5. Thermal expansion: Low thermal conductivity makes it ideal for irrigation regardless of climatic conditions
6. Durability: High inert strength and inbuilt resilience makes pipes immune to galvanic and electrolytic action thereby ensuring greater durability
7. High quality reliability  
1. Irrigation Scheme
2. Tube well
3. Gobar gas Line
4. Rainwater drainage
5. Drinking water supply lines for potable water services
6. Sewerage and waste lines
7. Main line for sprinklers/drip pipeline
8. Underground or open pipeline
9. Telecommunication and cable ducting
10. Installation for brewery pipelines
11. Horticultural and green house technology
12. Installation in chemical plants
13. Surface water drainage
14. Factory supply lines, etc

Supreme PVC

Supreme PVC Pipes & Fittings


Supreme PVC products have are designed such that, flow efficiency is maximized

Supreme PVC pipes and fittings have a smooth internal and external surface

Supreme PVC pipes and fittings have excellent resistance to chemicals and deposits

Supreme PVC works Under high temperatures, our pipes remain stable, and do not give away

Supreme PVC pipe are designed to hold up to weathering and flaking effects

Supreme PVC pipes are characterized by low coefficient of flow friction making it an effective choice

Our clients can avail from us a wide assortment of PVC Pipes and Fittings that are manufactured as per the Bureau of Indian Standards i.e. IS: 4985 / 2000, IS: 12818, ASTM- D-1785, ITD specification No. S/WT 1358. Manufactured using PVC material, these pipes and fittings are a good substitute for wood, iron & other metals. Further, we offer our range in various diameters (ranging from 12 mm upto 315 mm) and pressure rating. This helps us to cater to the varied requirements of our clients.